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Fovea is a flat spot located exactly in the centre portion of the retina in a human eye. It is responsible for high-acuity central vision. But wait, what does it have to do with AI, advanced technologies and evolving innovations? Taking inspiration from the functionality of fovea in the human eye, a new AI tech has been named DeepFovea. This name holds its genesis to Deep Learning + Fovea. While we have an idea of what is Deep Learning, read along this brief post to understand what is Fovea.

Fovea is AI-powered intelligent process of reducing the storage and transmission requirements of images. This process ensures that significant image regions are captured to detail for augmented and virtual reality (VR) displays. Just like what fovea does to the biological vision systems, similarly, fovea, in the AI ecosystem aids in the efficient capturing and processing of high-resolution video streams.

The ultimate objective for the usage of fovea is to channel space and high resolutions only for the areas of interest in an image and not the entire image. For this purpose, it uses data in a large manner. Fovea makes use of the already available data, temporarily recognised specifics or preset parameters for object detection. This tech applies a ‘demarkable resampling layer’ which helps in recognising an object based on the data fed into the software. With various processes applied to a frame, the output is finally available on a predetermined size canvas that is accessible on augmented and virtual reality (VR) displays.

Where is Fovea used?

Fovea is the go-to solution in need of a high-resolution - safety-critical vision. It has grown into prominence for rendering images using fewer pixels and yet producing a quality experience that seems so close to reality.

Fovea's real-time performance is primarily used in robotic applications such as autonomous driving. Its rendering efficiency. Its ability to adjust its displays to match your eye movements enables the most immersive VR experience. To top it all, in an era that is video content-driven and high frame rate and multiple views are a necessity, what Fovea enables is extremely resourceful.

While we have only scraped the tip of the iceberg in the afore discussion on Fovea, it could be an interesting read to know how Fovea technology is impersonating the ability of a human eye and could one day be a possible alternative.