The Story of vidBoard

In the midst of a pandemic, two close friends had an idea that would change the game. Meet Ashwin and Tushar, the co-founders of vidBoard, the affordable and AI-driven solution for video creation.

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Meet the Founders

Meet our brilliant team, led by co-founders Ashwin and Tushar, who are passionate about making video creation easy and affordable for all.


Ashwin Madhavan

Hustler, Co-founder, CEO

The Hustler in Chief. He handles product ideation and operations. He is crazy about dogs and is a globe trotter.


Tushar Bhatnagar

Geek, Co-founder, CTO

The Geek in Chief. He handles product development and research. He is crazy about technology and loves to code.

Our Mission

Streamlining video creation with AI: our mission to simplify and automate the process for a faster, affordable, and scalable experience.

our mission
our vision

Our Vision

Transforming video creation with AI - our vision is to automate and streamline the entire process, reducing user involvement and maximizing efficiency.

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