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Customer Testimonials

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Ayush Kanchan

May 21, 2022  

A large portion of e-commerce business is dependent on the reviews and testimonials of the existing or past users of the product or service. These testimonials act as a guide to potential customers and bring authenticity to the platform. Most of the e-commerce businesses have a separate section of reviews/testimonials in plain text. However, the plain text might not be as convincing and authentic as a video of the customer giving his feedback. This is where vidBoard.ai comes into the picture!

With the help of vidBoard.ai, you can create high-quality human avatar-led videos of the customers giving their feedbacks/ reviews/ testimonials about your online product/service. You are just required to insert plain text, choose a human avatar and a background, and in no time, vidBoard.ai will create video feedback for you with the feature of subtitles and language translation! With the consent of the customer giving the feedback, you can also insert his/her human avatar into the video. This further brings authenticity to the feedback.