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Customer Testimonials

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Ayush Kanchan


Customer Testimonials Made Easy with Multi-Language Support using vidBoard

In today's digital age, customer testimonials hold significant importance in building trust and credibility for businesses. However, for small and medium businesses (SMBs), the process of creating customer testimonials can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. vidBoard, with its innovative vidBoard Studio and cutting-edge AI technology, offers a hassle-free solution for SMBs to produce captivating customer testimonials using digital talking avatars generated from 2D photos.

The use case demonstrates how small and medium businesses can leverage vidBoard's platform to efficiently create customer testimonials without the need for physical video recording. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and vidBoard, businesses can craft compelling digital talking avatars that serve as powerful testimonies, boosting brand reputation and attracting new customers.

Benefits and Objectives:

The primary objectives of using vidBoard for customer testimonials are as follows:

Time and Cost Savings: Eliminating the need for recording studios significantly reduces both time and expenses associated with traditional video testimonial production.

Accessibility: By enabling customers to participate remotely through 2D photos, businesses can gather testimonials from a wider pool of clients, irrespective of their location.

Personalization: The digital talking avatars retain the essence of the customer's appearance and expressions, creating a more personalized and authentic testimonial experience.

Efficiency: vidBoard's AI algorithms process and generate digital talking avatars swiftly, enabling businesses to obtain testimonials in a matter of minutes.

Use Case Steps:

1. Registration and Profile Creation: SMBs sign up on the vidBoard platform, create an account, and set up their profile.

2. Selecting Customers for Testimonials: The business identifies satisfied customers who are willing to provide testimonials. These customers will submit their 2D photos or existing pictures to serve as the foundation for their digital talking avatars.

3. Avatar Creation with vidBoard: Upon receiving the 2D photos, businesses use the vidBoard to convert them into realistic digital talking avatars. vidBoard's intuitive interface allows users to customize avatars as needed, adjusting speech patterns, expressions, and avatar appearance.

4. Scripting Testimonials: Businesses work with customers to develop compelling scripts for their testimonials. The scripts align with the customer's experience and highlight the key benefits they received from the SMB's products or services.

5. Generating Testimonial Videos: Using the scripted content, businesses merge the dialogues with the digital talking avatars to create the final testimonial videos.

6. Sharing and Promotion: Completed testimonials are ready for sharing across various marketing channels, such as websites, social media, and email campaigns. This helps strengthen the brand's credibility and engage potential customers.

Adding Multi-Language Support with vidBoard's Text-to-Speech Solution

In addition to simplifying the creation of customer testimonials through digital talking avatars, vidBoard offers a powerful Text-to-Speech (TTS) solution that enhances the versatility of testimonial videos.

How It Works:

1. Language Selection: After creating the digital talking avatar and drafting the testimonial script in the vidBoard Studio, businesses can easily select the preferred language for the TTS feature.

2. Language Customization: The TTS solution supports various languages and accents, giving businesses the flexibility to fine-tune the pronunciation and intonation to match regional preferences and target audience preferences.

3. Instant Language Conversion: Once the language is selected and customized, the vidBoard's TTS technology instantly converts the scripted text into natural-sounding speech in the chosen language.

4. Video Compilation: The TTS-generated audio is seamlessly integrated with the avatar's mouth movements to create a lifelike and synchronized video testimonial in the desired language.

Benefits of Multi-Language TTS Support:

Global Reach: By offering testimonials in multiple languages, businesses can effectively communicate with international audiences, breaking language barriers and appealing to customers from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Cost-Effectiveness: Avoiding the need to hire voice-over artists or record testimonials in each language significantly reduces production costs, making multi-language testimonials more accessible for SMBs.

Time Efficiency: Generating TTS-powered videos takes mere minutes, enabling businesses to quickly produce and launch multi-language testimonials, perfect for time-sensitive marketing campaigns.

Consistency: With TTS, businesses can ensure a consistent tone and message across testimonial videos, maintaining the integrity of the brand's image across different languages.

vidBoard revolutionizes the process of creating customer testimonials for small and medium businesses. By harnessing the power of 2D photos, advanced AI technology, and the Text-to-Speech solution, vidBoard allows businesses to produce personalized and authentic testimonial videos in multiple languages quickly and cost-effectively. By incorporating vidBoard into their marketing strategies, SMBs can strengthen their reputation, increase customer trust, and drive business growth with persuasive and language-specific customer testimonials.