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How it Works?

Step 1: Select a template and AI presenter

Step 2: Type in your script

Step 3: Add multimedia assets and Generate Video

Choose from a variety of pre-designed templates and select your AI presenter.

Why vidBoard?

Transform your videos with AI avatars, multilingual support, and a user-friendly platform. Experience the future of video creation with vidBoard.

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Life-like Digital Avatars

Revolutionize content presentation with vidBoard's lifelike digital avatars speaking in 125+ languages. Create engaging personalized videos effortlessly.

AI-powered Lip-sync

Our AI Algorithm brings life-like movements to digital avatars for seamless synchronization.

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Reach Global Audience with Translation

Create videos in 125+ languages with vidBoard's AI-powered translation. Reach a global audience and convey your message with ease and accuracy.

Template Library

Choose from countless pre-designed templates to create stunning videos effortlessly.

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Multilingual Subtitles

Add subtitles in over 125 languages with vidBoard's transcription feature.

Access Millions of High-Quality Media Assets

Access millions of photos through the APIs of Unsplash and Pexels for your video presentations.

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Rich Selection of Background Music and Videos

Add extra flair to your videos by choosing from our diverse range of high-quality background music and videos.

Glimpses of vidBoard

See vidBoard in Action - A Visual Showcase of Our Powerful Video Creation Tool

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