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Ashwin Madhavan


Enhelion - Revolutionizing Online Legal Education with vidBoard

About Enhelion:

Enhelion is an online legal education company that has established itself as a leading provider of self-paced courses since its inception in 2013. With a commitment to delivering exceptional online learning experiences, Enhelion sought innovative solutions to engage their audience and elevate the quality of their course content.

Enhelion has successfully trained a total of 50,000 students, catering to individuals seeking to enhance their legal knowledge and skills. As a bootstrapped company, Enhelion has achieved remarkable growth and impact without external funding or investment.

The Problem:

Enhelion faced a significant challenge. Students expressed dissatisfaction with the traditional approach of presenting legal content in written form, finding it uninspiring and monotonous. Enhelion recognized the need to transform their course content into a more engaging and interactive format. Additionally, there was a growing demand for video lectures and video FAQs to address student queries effectively. To address these challenges, Enhelion turned to for a comprehensive solution.

The Solution:

Enhelion partnered with vidBoard to revolutionize their online legal education offerings. Through this collaboration, Enhelion aimed to create captivating video lectures and interactive video FAQs that would provide an exceptional learning experience to their students. vidBoard's advanced features and tools empowered Enhelion to make their legal content more dynamic, engaging, and visually appealing.


The implementation process involved seamlessly integrating vidBoard's platform into Enhelion's content creation workflow. Enhelion began by converting their written legal content into high-quality video lectures. Using vidBoard's technology, they transformed the plain text provided by practicing lawyers and industry professionals into custom avatars, delivering engaging and informative video lectures. This approach allowed Enhelion to create a wide range of video lectures efficiently and affordably.

Moreover, Enhelion utilized vidBoard to create interactive video FAQs, addressing common student queries in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner. By transforming plain text into engaging video content, Enhelion provided a comprehensive learning experience that surpassed the limitations of traditional written materials.

Results and Benefits:

The collaboration between Enhelion and vidBoard yielded impressive results and benefits:

1. Engaging Learning Experience: The transformation of written legal content into dynamic video lectures significantly enhanced student engagement. The interactive and visually appealing format of the lectures made complex legal concepts more accessible and enjoyable, leading to improved knowledge retention.

2. Effective Student Support: The implementation of video FAQs provided students with a convenient and interactive platform to seek clarification and find answers to common queries. This feature enhanced their learning experience and fostered a sense of support and guidance throughout their legal education journey.

3. Bootstrapped Success: As a bootstrapped company, Enhelion leveraged vidBoard's cost-effective solutions to enhance their course offerings without straining their financial resources. This allowed them to maintain their commitment to affordability while delivering exceptional educational content.

Lessons Learned:

Throughout the implementation process, Enhelion gained valuable insights. They realized the importance of adapting to evolving student preferences and leveraging technology to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. By combining the expertise of practicing lawyers and industry professionals with vidBoard's video creation capabilities, Enhelion successfully transformed their online legal education platform.

Enhelion's collaboration with vidBoard revolutionized their online legal education platform. By leveraging vidBoard's video creation capabilities, Enhelion addressed the challenge of making legal content more engaging and interactive. The integration of video lectures and video FAQs enhanced the learning experience, resulting in increased student engagement and satisfaction.