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Dhriti Rajdev

May 21, 2022  

A number of online businesses have a separate section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) wherein answers to certain general queries by the customers are provided. This section helps the potential customer to resolve the queries he/she might have. However, the FAQs section is mostly in plain text which makes it very boring and less customer friendly. The organizations have the option of creating a high-quality video answering these general questions, but the same requires a lot of time, effort and money. This is where vidBoard.ai comes to the rescue!

With the help of vidBoard.ai, the online business can convert the plain text FAQs section into an engaging, high-quality human avatar-led video with the features of subtitles and language translation in no time. All you are required to do is insert the plain text of the FAQs, choose a human avatar and a background, and vidBoard.ai will create a high-quality, cost-effective video of the FAQs section, which will prove to be more appealing and customer friendly.