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Pranjal Dureja

May 21, 2022  

One of the tasks of HR is to conduct the onboarding and training of the employees. Onboarding involves introducing new employees to the organization and its culture. It helps them understand the organization and their new position better. Training, on the other hand, involves various programs which support the employees in their career development within the organization. Big organizations with more than thousands of employees thus require a number of HR professionals to onboard and train employees. This might be a costly affair, that too when an AI-enabled affordable alternative is available!

With the help of vidBoard.ai, you can convert plain-text into high-quality human avatar-led videos with subtitles in just a few minutes! You are just required to insert the plain-text of the onboarding and/or training session, select a human avatar and a background, and a high-quality video is generated in just few minutes! This video can then be shared with the employees for the purpose of onboarding/training.