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Internal Training Videos

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Dhriti Rajdev


Revolutionizing Internal Training with vidBoard's Digital Talking Avatars

In today's dynamic corporate landscape, employee training is an essential aspect of organizational growth and success. Large organizations often face challenges when creating internal training videos, such as the cost and logistics of recording sessions. vidBoard introduces an innovative solution with its vidBoard Studio and digital talking avatars, generated from 2D photos. By leveraging vidBoard, HR Departments of large organizations can create engaging and interactive internal training videos without the need for studio recordings, streamlining the training process and maximizing employee learning outcomes.

This use case showcases how HR Departments of large organizations can utilize vidBoard's platform to develop impactful internal training videos using digital talking avatars. By incorporating a human touch into training content, organizations can enhance employee engagement, facilitate better knowledge retention, and elevate their internal training programs.

Benefits and Objectives:

The primary benefits of using vidBoard for creating internal training videos are as follows:

1. Cost-Effective Training: vidBoard eliminates the need for costly studio recording sessions, making internal training videos more budget-friendly for large organizations.

2. Engaging Learning Experience: Digital talking avatars make training content more relatable and interactive, boosting employee engagement and knowledge retention.

3. Efficient Training Delivery: The automated process of generating digital avatars saves time, enabling HR Departments to create training videos swiftly.

4. Personalization: HR Departments can customize avatars to align with the organization's brand and foster a sense of familiarity among employees.

Use Case Steps:

1. Training Content Outline: HR Departments outline the key topics and learning objectives they wish to address in the internal training videos.

2. Script Development: Based on the training content outline, HR Departments create concise and informative scripts for the training videos.

3. Avatar Creation with vidBoard Studio: Users upload 2D photos of designated trainers or subject matter experts onto the vidBoard platform. The vidBoard Studio's AI-powered technology then transforms these photos into lifelike digital talking avatars.

Voiceovers and Language Support: If required, HR Departments can utilize the Text-to-Speech solution to add voiceovers to the avatars in multiple languages, catering to a diverse workforce.

4. Video Compilation: Using the scripted content and personalized avatars, HR Departments merge the dialogues to create engaging internal training videos.

5. Training Delivery and Assessment: HR Departments distribute the training videos to employees through the organization's learning management system (LMS) or intranet. After training, assessments or quizzes can be administered to evaluate employee comprehension.

vidBoard empowers HR Departments of large organizations to elevate their internal training programs with captivating internal training videos. By leveraging digital talking avatars generated from 2D photos, organizations can enhance employee engagement, foster a positive learning environment, and drive knowledge retention. With the vidBoard Studio's user-friendly interface and time-saving automation, HR Departments can optimize their training delivery, maximize employee performance, and facilitate continuous learning with impactful internal training videos created in minutes.