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Deep learning- The deep neural network as part of Artificial Intelligence

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Ashwin Madhavan

June 19, 2022  

Before understanding what deep learning is and the potential it holds in the present day, it is important to first understand the difference between artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. This differentiation helps us to understand the concept of deep learning better. As the name suggests, artificial intelligence is the imitation of human “intelligence” processes by a machine (hence the term “artificial”). It is an umbrella term that encompasses a number of ways in which the machine can imitate human intelligence. Machine learning, on the other hand, is a subset of artificial intelligence that involves developing algorithms with the help of which computer systems can “learn” without specific instructions, through experience, with the help of data. Deep learning is again a subset of machine learning that involves deep neural networks. These artificial neural networks are structured like the human brain; they are connected together like a web.

In order to identify a new object, the human brain receives new information and tries to compare it with the objects it already knows. The same concept is adopted in deep learning. The individual layers of the artificial neural network create a filter-like structure which in turn increases the likelihood of detection of a correct result.

The multi-layered algorithmic structures (i.e. the neural networks) can be taught to identify patterns and differentiate information, just like the human brain, with the help of data. Furthermore, as opposed to the traditional programs which build analysis with the help of data in a linear way, the deep neural network in deep learning enables the system to process and analyse data in a nonlinear manner, hence improving its efficiency.

Deep learning is based on the basic premise of making decisions on unstructured data without supervision. It is primarily used for creating technologies that interact with human beings for providing better services. It is adopted to train the chatbot to give strong responses even to tricky questions. Presently, deep learning is utilized in object recognition, language translation, speech recognition etc. Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa use deep learning to function efficiently.

In the era where most things are data-driven and businesses attempt to provide human touch through technology, deep learning provides immense potential for innovation.


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