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Ashwin Madhavan

May 21, 2022  

Metacept is a legal blog focused on the domain of InfoTech and IPR Laws. It provides a platform to students, academics, practitioners, early career researchers, policymakers, and members of civil society organizations to discuss various viewpoints, ideas and ideologies by means of blogs. However, the written content is less engaging to the readers who often get bored reading through the entire blog post. Furthermore, blogs are primarily written in English, which creates a very limited reader base. To address the challenge of engagement and accessibility, Metacept used vidBoard.ai to convert blog posts into engaging, high-quality human avatar-led videos with the features of subtitles and language translation. Also, it created short trailer videos for the blogs so that the reader is given a glimpse of what will be included in the blog post. This helped Metacept to increase reader engagement in no time and at an affordable price.