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Ashwin Madhavan


Metacept - Enhancing Engagement and Accessibility with vidBoard

About Metacept:

Metacept is a prominent legal blog that focuses on the domains of InfoTech and IPR Laws. It serves as a platform for students, academics, practitioners, early career researchers, policymakers, and members of civil society organizations to share viewpoints, ideas, and ideologies through blog posts.

The Problem:

Metacept faced the challenge of low reader engagement due to the less engaging nature of written blog posts. Readers often became bored and disengaged while going through the entire post. Additionally, the limitation of blogs being primarily written in English posed a barrier to accessibility, limiting the potential reader base. To overcome these challenges and make the content more engaging and accessible, Metacept sought a solution that would convert their written blog posts into engaging videos. They chose vidBoard as their solution provider.

The Solution:

Metacept collaborated with vidBoard to revolutionize their content delivery strategy. The objective was to convert the written blog posts into visually captivating and engaging human avatar-led videos with the added features of subtitles and language translation. Furthermore, vidBoard assisted in creating short trailer videos that provided readers with a glimpse of the blog's content, generating interest and increasing engagement.


The implementation process involved seamlessly integrating vidBoard's platform into Metacept's content creation workflow. The written blog posts were transformed into high-quality videos by leveraging vidBoard's advanced features. The platform allowed the insertion of the blog text, customization of human avatars, and selection of appropriate backgrounds. Additionally, subtitles were incorporated to enhance accessibility, and language translation features facilitated reaching a wider audience.

Moreover, vidBoard assisted in creating short trailer videos that served as teasers, showcasing the key highlights of the blog posts. These trailers piqued readers' curiosity and enticed them to explore the full content.

Results and Benefits:

The collaboration between Metacept and vidBoard yielded significant results and benefits:

1. Increased Reader Engagement: The transformation of written blog posts into visually captivating videos significantly enhanced reader engagement. The human avatar-led format, combined with subtitles and language translation, made the content more accessible, appealing, and engaging to a broader audience.

2. Expanded Reader Base: The incorporation of language translation features enabled Metacept to reach a wider audience beyond English speakers. This increased the blog's accessibility, attracting readers from different linguistic backgrounds and expanding the reader base.

3. Time and Cost Savings: By utilizing vidBoard's efficient video creation platform, Metacept achieved significant time and cost savings. The streamlined process of converting written content into engaging videos reduced the effort required in content creation while maintaining high-quality standards.

Metacept successfully addressed the challenges of low engagement and limited accessibility by leveraging vidBoard's innovative video creation platform. The conversion of written blog posts into engaging human avatar-led videos with subtitles and language translation significantly enhanced reader engagement and expanded the reader base.

Through the incorporation of short trailer videos, Metacept effectively captured readers' attention and generated interest in their blog content. The implementation of vidBoard's solution resulted in increased reader engagement, expanded accessibility, and considerable time and cost savings for Metacept.