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Personalization through AI

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Ashwin Madhavan


Gone are the days when the same advertisement and marketing strategy used to work on the general public. Businesses nowadays thrive on personalized marketing strategy by targeting a group of customers and sending tailor-made messages. They present products and special offers in a manner that align with the customer’s preferences. Personalization makes a brand more relevant and enhances customer engagement and satisfaction. However, it is not easy to determine what type of strategy or content would appeal to a particular customer. This is where artificial intelligence comes into the picture. A few of the applications of AI vis-à-vis personalization have been discussed below- one size fits all.

Personalized messaging- The strategy of personalized messaging is based on the premise that the company has your personalized profile ready and uses the same to send targeted messages in accordance with your activities, likes and preferences.

Personalized ad targeting- Machine learning is playing an instrumental role in creating targeted ads for customers based on factors like demography, search history, cart history etc. These factors help the company to direct their advertising to the right audience, thus increasing the conversion rates.

Product recommendation- With the help of artificial intelligence, companies are now able to provide a more personalized product recommendation to customers, as opposed to a general recommendation. Based on the product the customer selects or puts in the cart, the AI technology gives related recommendations which ultimately lead to customer satisfaction.

Personalized websites- Companies are now utilizing AI technology to change the content of the website depending on which type of customer visits the site. The technology analyses the purchase data as well as past behaviour of the customer on the site and dynamically changes the content displayed on the screen to suit the taste of the customer.

Customer sentiment analysis- Companies the AI technique of natural language processing to get insights from unstructured data provided by the customer. For example, by analysing the words used by a customer in the feedback section, the AI technology can understand the actual sentiment of the customer with respect to the purchase of a particular product or service. Based on the sentiments analysis, the company can make the customer experience better.