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Ashwin Madhavan


Scriboard - Enhancing Client Interaction and Multilingual Legal Knowledge with vidBoard

About Scriboard:

Scriboard Advocates and Legal Consultants is a prominent legal firm known for its expertise in various legal domains. The firm serves clients from diverse industries, providing them with comprehensive legal solutions tailored to their specific needs.

The Problem:

Scriboard faced the challenge of effectively interacting with clients and providing legal knowledge to them in a user-friendly and easily understandable manner. Additionally, as a global firm, it needed to overcome language barriers and deliver legal information in multiple languages. To overcome these challenges, Scriboard sought a solution that would allow them to engage with clients, train their in-house staff, and provide legal knowledge in different languages. They chose vidBoard as their solution provider.

The Solution:

Scriboard collaborated with vidBoard to revolutionize its client interaction and staff training processes. The objective was to leverage vidBoard's advanced features to create engaging videos that would facilitate client communication, train in-house staff, and provide legal knowledge in multiple languages.


The implementation process involved seamlessly integrating vidBoard's platform into Scriboard's client interaction and training workflows. vidBoard's video creation capabilities allowed Scriboard to create engaging videos that effectively conveyed legal knowledge. The platform enabled the customization of human avatars, selection of appropriate backgrounds, and inclusion of subtitles for enhanced accessibility.

Furthermore, vidBoard's language translation features played a vital role in Scriboard's ability to provide legal knowledge in multiple languages. The platform facilitated the translation of legal content into various languages, ensuring that clients could access information in their preferred language.

Results and Benefits:

The collaboration between Scriboard and vidBoard yielded significant results and benefits:

1. Enhanced Client Interaction: By utilizing vidBoard's video creation platform, Scriboard transformed their client communication process. Engaging videos enabled them to effectively convey legal information to clients in a user-friendly manner. The visual appeal of human avatar-led videos and the inclusion of subtitles improved client understanding and engagement.

2. Multilingual Legal Knowledge: The language translation features offered by allowed Scriboard to overcome language barriers and deliver legal knowledge in multiple languages. This expanded their reach and enabled them to cater to clients from different linguistic backgrounds, fostering stronger client relationships.

3. Efficient In-House Staff Training: Scriboard utilized vidBoard's platform to streamline their in-house staff training. The creation of training videos empowered their staff with easily accessible and comprehensive legal knowledge. The visually engaging format ensured effective knowledge transfer and improved training outcomes.

4. Time and Cost Savings: The streamlined process of creating videos with vidBoard's platform resulted in significant time and cost savings for Scriboard. The efficient creation of engaging videos reduced the effort required for client interaction and staff training, allowing the firm to allocate resources more effectively.

Scriboard successfully addressed its challenges of client interaction, staff training, and multilingual legal knowledge by leveraging vidBoard's innovative video creation platform. The creation of engaging videos facilitated effective client communication, improved staff training outcomes, and expanded their reach to clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds. The implementation of vidBoard's solution resulted in enhanced client interaction.