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Synergy Partners

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Ashwin Madhavan

May 21, 2022  

Synergy Partners is a law firm based in New Delhi that provides advisory services in sectors including Roads and Highways, Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation, Ports, Railways, Metros, Education, Policy reforms, Real Estate, Smart Cities, and Transport. Since the firm provides services to a wide range of sectors, it is imperative for the employees to be well aware of the developments taking place in these sectors. Previously internal training and development sessions were conducted by some experts, who were often preoccupied with other work in the firm. This led to a situation where adequate number of sessions could not be conducted because of the busy schedule of the expert. However, with the help of vidBoard.ai, Synergy Partners created high-quality human avatar-led videos with subtitles by simply inserting the plain text of the session, creating a custom avatar and selecting a background, in just a few minutes, that too at an affordable price! This helped Synergy Partners in conducting regular sessions with minimal time and effort.