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Synergy Partners

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Ashwin Madhavan


Synergy Partners - Enhancing Sector-specific Training with vidBoard

About Synergy Partners:

Synergy Partners is a prominent law firm based in New Delhi, specializing in providing advisory services across various sectors including Roads and Highways, Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation, Ports, Railways, Metros, Education, Policy reforms, Real Estate, Smart Cities, and Transport.

The Problem:

The need for regular training sessions on sector-specific developments posed a significant challenge for Synergy Partners. The unavailability of experts to conduct these sessions hindered the firm's ability to provide consistent and comprehensive training to its employees. To overcome this hurdle, Synergy Partners sought an innovative solution that could deliver high-quality training content efficiently and at an affordable cost. They turned to vidBoard to address their training and development needs effectively.

The Solution:

Synergy Partners partnered with vidBoard to revolutionize their training and development initiatives. By leveraging vidBoard's advanced features, Synergy Partners aimed to create engaging and informative human avatar-led videos with subtitles, delivering sector-specific training content to their employees. This solution allowed them to streamline the training process, overcoming the limitations posed by expert availability and time constraints.


The implementation process involved seamlessly integrating vidBoard’s platform into Synergy Partners' training workflow. The firm simply inserted the plain text of the training session into vidBoard, customized a human avatar, and selected an appropriate background. Within a few minutes, high-quality videos with subtitles were created, ready to be used for training purposes. This efficient process enabled Synergy Partners to conduct regular training sessions with minimal time and effort.

Results and Benefits:

The collaboration between Synergy Partners and vidBoard yielded significant results and benefits:

1. Consistent Training Sessions: By utilizing vidBoard's video creation capabilities, Synergy Partners overcame the challenge of expert availability and conducted regular training sessions. This ensured that employees were well-informed about the latest developments in various sectors, enhancing their knowledge and expertise.

2. Time and Effort Savings: The streamlined process of creating high-quality videos with significantly reduced the time and effort required to develop training content. Synergy Partners could efficiently produce informative videos without relying on the availability of experts, enabling them to allocate resources more effectively.

3. Cost-effectiveness: The affordability of vidBoard's platform allowed Synergy Partners to deliver high-quality training content at a reasonable cost. This ensured that training initiatives remained within budget while providing employees with valuable and engaging sector-specific knowledge.

Synergy Partners successfully transformed their training and development initiatives by leveraging vidBoard's innovative video creation platform. The collaboration enabled the firm to overcome the challenges posed by expert availability and time constraints. By creating high-quality human avatar-led videos with subtitles, Synergy Partners efficiently delivered sector-specific training content to its employees.

The implementation of vidBoard's solution resulted in consistent training sessions, time and effort savings, and cost-effectiveness for Synergy Partners. Employees benefited from up-to-date sector knowledge, empowering them to provide exceptional advisory services across a diverse range of sectors.