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The adoption of AI in the e-commerce industry

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Tushar Bhatnagar

June 20, 2022  

In the modern world, artificial intelligence touches upon our lives in one way or the other. It has been integrated into various fields including businesses, healthcare, finance, travel, retail, education etc and has helped these sectors to predict, sense and automate. In the same lines, the adoption of AI in e-commerce has proven to be a game-changer in the industry. Owing to the completely online nature of the e-commerce business, AI is helping in improving customer experience and provide better services. A few of the aspects of the adoption of AI in the e-commerce sector have been discussed below-

Voice assistants- AI-enabled voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant etc. use deep learning technology to make the customer’s online shopping experience more simpler. You are just required to give one voice command and the AI technology will provide various options for you to shop from.

Personalized recommendations- Various e-commerce businesses use AI technology to understand the choices and preferences of the customer by the manner in which he/she scrolls through their website. These businesses then use such data to suggest personalized recommendations of the item the customer is searching for. This feature has proven to be very beneficial from the point of view of customer satisfaction.

Advanced visual search- The AI-based advanced visual search technology helps the customer to find and match a particular product online by uploading snaps, screenshots or internet images of the product. The AI technology first understands the content of the image, matches the same with the database and then filters the relevant result for the customer. It helps the customer to find the item he/she is looking for without actually searching for it through online stores for hours.

Chatbots- E-commerce businesses often face the issue of lack of human interaction and support. This factor creates a situation where customers prefer physical stores more than online stores. The e-commerce businesses are trying to address this issue with the help of chatbots who interact with customers like real human beings and resolve their queries, thus bringing the human touch in the online business.

Therefore, the adoption of AI technology in the e-commerce business holds vast potential and helps in bridging the gap between physical and online stores.


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