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The impact of AI on video editing

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Tushar Bhatnagar


Imagine a platform that helps you create videos by just choosing a background, selecting pictures and inserting plain text. The platform not only allows you to generate videos from scratch by simply sitting at one place with your laptop but also provides you with various editing options like object elimination, visual effects, picture stabilization, and much more. All this without the help of a cameraman and a video editor. This imagination has turned into a reality, all thanks to the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

AI was first used to automatically curate video footage in 2016 when IBM used Watson supercomputer to create a trailer of a film. The AI technology analysed different trailers, identified a pattern and specific parameters, and selected certain scenes from the film which it considered appropriate for the trailer. As opposed to a human editor who would generally take days to curate the video footage, the AI technology did the same job in a very short span of time. This highlighted the potential of AI, specifically machine learning, in automating the tasks related to video content. A recent example of automatic video curation by AI is Google Clips wherein the AI independently identifies and records certain short and interesting clips and with time, improves its selection based on the user response to the clips it created.

Artificial intelligence can be considered invaluable in terms of its innovation in the field of video curation, editing and production by virtue of its ability to analyse various data sets and predict an outcome. There are a number of factors that make AI better at video editing than humans-

i. ML is based on the premise of learning with time- The more data the system has access to, the more accurately it will be able to ‘learn’ the pattern and understand what the user wants. Therefore, with time, the AI video editor learns what is expected out of it. It subsequently performs better and gives better results.

ii. AI editing tools are easy to use and straightforward- A person does not require expertise in the field of video editing to generate a video with special features using AI. The AI tool itself provides the user with various available options; the user is merely required to select the one which best suits his/her requirements.

iii. An AI video editing tool generates and edits videos faster than a human editor, that too at an affordable price- The efficiency of the tool only increases with time. These factors make AI a better alternative to human editors in terms of time, money as well as efficiency.

The integration of AI and video editing has a significant role to play for businesses, most importantly in the marketing space. It is no secret that videos are the future of digital marketing. They lead to better engagement and have a long-term effect on the minds of the customers. Research has shown that digital content, especially video content, has led to a tremendous increase in user understanding of the products and services offered by a company. Customers buy what they see and associate well with. Therefore, video marketing has become an indispensable part of the marketing strategy of companies. However, a company requires loads to money to effectively harness the potential of video marketing. This include the money spent on-

 Booking a studio,

 Hiring actors,

 Videographers,

 Video editors,

 Production etc.,

The list is never-ending. Big brands can afford to set aside the required money; however, the same is not true for small and medium businesses. AI video editing is a boon for such businesses. With the help of AI, businesses just require content and a clear picture of how they want the video to look. The editing tool does the rest of the work without any external assistance.

An intriguing aspect of using an AI video editing tool is the availability of numerous options and the ease of video editing based on customers’ responses. For example, if a particular video is unable to perform well in marketing, the company can make changes to it with the help of the editing tool and generate multiple versions. They can then test which version of the video attracts the most customers and use that on a large scale. This feature helps the company to test which kind of video optimizes customer engagement. The same is not possible in the case of human video editors. They take both time and money to give the results, which AI gives in minutes.

The integration of AI in video editing is only in its nascent stage. AI holds tremendous potential to transform the way videos are curated and edited. It provides a cheaper, faster and better alternative to human video editors. If used effectively, AI can prove to be a game-changer in the video marketing industry, leading to increased branding and conversions. However, as fascinating as it sounds, it is not easy to come across an AI platform that provides you with all the features of video creation and editing at one place. This is where comes to the rescue. is a generative AI platform that converts plain text into a high-quality video with photorealistic digital humans, that too with a click of a button. All that is required is a script and the deep tech platform provides you with numerous options of background, digital avatars, animation features, editing tools and translation to more than 40 languages. You can also enhance your videos by adding slides, choosing templates, adding text, inserting video and image assets, including music, and animate the elements to bring your video to life. The underlying objective of is to reduce human involvement in video creation and editing. You are merely required to be ready with the script and an idea of how you want the final output to be, the generative AI platform does all the remaining work for you, that too on the fly!