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Use of AI in video curation, editing and production

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Dhriti Rajdev



Artificial intelligence can be considered invaluable in terms of its innovation in the field of video curation, editing and production by virtue of its ability to analyse various data sets and predict an outcome.

AI was first used to automatically curate video footage in 2016 when IBM used Watson supercomputer to create a trailer of a film. The AI technology analysed different trailers, identified a pattern and specific parameters, and selected certain scenes from the film which it considered appropriate for the trailer. As opposed to a human editor who would generally take days to curate the video footage, the AI technology did the same job in a very short span of time. This highlighted the potential of AI, specifically machine learning, in automating the tasks related to video content. A recent example of automatic video curation by AI is Google Clips wherein the AI independently identifies and records certain short and interesting clips and with time, improves its selection based on the user response to the clips it created.

Another important aspect in which AI has played a significant role is generating tools that automatically edit the videos. AI can now be used for a number of editing purposes that include colour correction, adding visual effects, object removal, among other things. One of the examples of integration of AI in video editing is Adobe’s Sensei platform. AI is expected to provide better recommendations for video editing in the near future owing to the constant technological advancement taking place in this field.

The most recent integration of AI in the field of video content is automatic video production. This technology uses synthetic media, deep learning, natural language processing and natural language generation to create videos from scratch just by inserting plain text. This development is proving instrumental for a number of sectors that primarily depend on high-quality video content generation and spend a lot in its production. Automatic video production with the help of AI technology not only helps in creating numerous videos within minutes at an affordable price, but also helps various organizations and businesses to integrate the feature of language translation to reach a larger consumer base.