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Website Assistant

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Pranjal Dureja

May 21, 2022  

In the 21st century, numerous businesses have moved online and have their own websites that offer various products and services to the customers. One of the most peculiar features of the websites is that each website substantially differs from the other in the context of look, feel and functionality. Though being the feature that makes one website ‘stand-out’ from others, it sometimes creates roadblocks in customer experience. Each time a customer opens a new website, he takes quite a lot of time to understand its functionality. This might frustrate him and result in minimal conversion rates. Therefore, it is important to let the new customer know how the website works. This is where vidBoard.ai comes into the picture!

With the help of vidBoard.ai, you can create a high-quality human avatar-led video with the feature of subtitles and language translation explaining how your website works i.e. where the customer is required to navigate in order to buy a specific product. You are just required to insert plain text, choose a human avatar and a background, and in no time, vidBoard.ai creates your own website assistant!