Change Logs

July, 2023
New Update
  • Rearranging slides by simply dragging them
  • Upload custom music and video files to the asset section
  • Added grid lines on the presentation canvas
  • Implemented an auto-save feature to automatically save the entire presentation at regular intervals
  • Introduced zoom in/zoom-out feature while creating and editing slides
  • Asset deletion with the delete button on the keyboard
  • Implemented keyboard shortcuts (left, right, up, and down) for asset movement
  • Introduced snapping feature for assets on the canvas
  • Added half-body avatars to the library to pre-made avatars
Fixed Bugs
  • UI code improvements for responsiveness to users
  • UI changes to avoid some visible glitches in some devices
  • Save Template data fixes
  • Overall code changes for improving performance
June, 2023
New Update
  • 50+ new avatars added
  • Feature of logo removal added
  • Avatar size enhanced by 500%
  • Vertical Videos for YouTube Shorts
  • Transparent Avatars on the Canvas
  • Activated feature of uploading your own voice
  • 200 new stock background videos added
  • Avatar is circle or square format
  • Video is 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Play and pause button in audio of the script has been activated
  • Marking of voices with different speaking styles with an asterisk (*)
  • Added a toggle button for product tour guide
  • 'Save Template' feature has been activated
  • Added 35 new background scores in the music section
Fixed Bugs
  • Fixed issues relating to the flipping of avatar on the canvas
  • Fixed issues of choosing circle/square avatar
  • Alignment of text colour - Issue fixed
  • Reduced the size of animation boxes
  • Issue relating to the width of Word Art/Text asset - Fixed
  • Issue of slide numbering - Fixed
  • All bugs pertaining to save, animation of assets fixed
May, 2023
  • New neural languages added.
  • Few bugs related to video generation fixed.
April, 2023
  • All critical and non-critical bugs removed.
  • Integration of user avatar generation module into the tool.
March, 2023
  • Testing of the new tool began, and HD avatar quality was enhanced with teeth.
February, 2023
  • A new feature of aesthetically designed cover videos added to the tool.
January, 2023
  • Advanced voice features such as voice styles and adding silence between the words added to the tool.
December, 2022
  • Enhanced avatar quality (HD) with a bigger avatar size.
October, 2022
  • Development of an enhanced canvas video creation tool began, incorporating feedback from beta users.
  • Increased sharpness in the quality of the avatars

    (Increasing sharpness from left to right)

September, 2022
  • Lip sync version 3 (V3) released.
July, 2022
  • Launched subscriptions for beta users on an invite-only basis.
June, 2022
  • Launched on Product Hunt and received #1 Product of the Day title (
April, 2022
  • Avatar size enhanced by 20%.
January to June, 2022
  • Development of a full-fledged AI presenter-led video presentation tool.
December, 2021
  • Lip sync version 2 (V2) released.
August, 2021
  • Launched vidBoard 1.0- a simple console text-to-video tool with avatars and animation of text.
  • The text remained on the screen for about one second until the avatar spoke.
June, 2021
  • Lip sync version 1 (V1) released.
May, 2021
  • Better version of non-HD avatars released with smaller avatars.
January 2021 to April 2021:
  • Founding of the team.
  • Research and development begins.
  • Initial avatar quality was poor and lip sync was only 30% accurate.
December 2020
  • Founders [Tushar Bhatnagar and Ashwin Madhavan] decide to get together with their vision to create a completely AI-powered video presentation tool, powered by Generative AI.

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