IP policy

vidBoard Technologies Inc. has a robust Intellectual Property Policy and Intellectual Property Management guidelines (Collectively referred to as 'IP Policy', hereinafter) in place basically to provide lucidity to IPR related issues such as ownership, rights and obligation of employees and Company, rights and obligation of customers and Company, disclosure of work/ invention, non-disclosure of confidential information, liabilities in case of misappropriation of IP or resolution of IP related disputes strategically.

Intellectual property (IP) is one of our most valuable assets. We rely on various types of intellectual property (such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, domain names, design rights) for our success in the market. IP helps us stay competitive, allows us to fund future successes, and supports each of our jobs. We have a consistent policy of identification of our intangible assets, prioritizing them according to our business plans, registering, exploiting and safeguarding them in order to benefit fully from IP in terms of revenue, reputation and market share. Our IP Policy also envisages protection and management of its own IP well, internally and with it's business partners.

We have adopted this Policy in order to protect our own IP and minimize the possibility of infringement of our Intellectual Property rights of third Parties. This IP Policy aims to provide transparent administrative system for the ownership, control and transfer of the IP created and owned by us.

vidBoard Technologies Inc.
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Email: ashwin@vidboard.ai

Privacy policy- vidBoard Technologies Inc. – Last Updated on 06.02.23

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